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  • Health and Wellness with Terpenes

    Recently while we were in Washington, D.C. engaging with stakeholders, we kept on being asked, “What are terpenes?”  The short answer: they are the main producer of scent from plants. The long answer: specific plants create certain smells that are unique to natural compounds. When a botanical such as lavender or sage is distilled and concentrated, you can create an individual terpene. Isolated terpenes have a wide range of natural primitive health and wellness benefits to help people live a better quality of life.


    What do terpenes do?


    In the plant world, the role of terpenes are for defense and channels of communication for plants to defend against predators or attract prey. Highly resinous plants, like cannabis, produce copious amounts of terpenes. Strong levels of terpenes are often used in products such as essential oils, health care products, or in perfume / cologne.


    How are they beneficial?


    Terpenes have many more benefits than incredible smells and lingering tastes. The medicinal values associated with isolating specific terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and terpineol are very therapeutic through various applications. Together, all of these terpenes are known to provide relief to a variety of discomforts such as inflammation, chronic pain, skin irritation, stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and muscle tension. It is important to know which terpenes have the most healing properties. Here are the top terpenes everyone should know about!


    Top 10 Terpenes for Health and Wealth


    Be sure to check out this article about the various benefits of terpenes,


    1. Limonene
    2. Pinene
    3. Myrcene
    4. Linalool
    5. Citral
    6. Eucalyptol
    7. Beta-Caryophyllene
    8. Humulene
    9. Borneol
    10. Terpineol


    What terpenes should I look for in a product?


    Utilizing holistic products with infused terpenes can reduce and relieve many common issues associated with habitual pain or inflamation. Combining different terpenes together can create a synergistic effect for healing. It is more beneficial to look for companies that are producing products focused on developing unique blends of terpenes. Standalone terpenes can decrease the effectiveness of the product.


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