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  • Does Hemp Contain CBD?

    In Short: Yes, it does.

    Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of confusion around the issue of hemp and CBD.  This is in part due to the gray area of CBD legality and also a general misunderstanding about CBD in the mind of the general public.  So, the aim of this post is to help you become a better consumer and discern amongst the wide variety of products available in retails stores and even the largest of online stores, Amazon.


  • Is Hemp-Derived CBD Legal? Mitch McConnell Thinks it Ought to Be.

    Farm Bill Amendment Passes in Senate. Upcoming House Vote Could End All Controversy Regarding Hemp-Derived CBD.

    There was some very exciting news over the past few weeks concerning hemp and CBD.  With the full support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate voted overwhelmingly (86-11) to approve an amendment to the Farm Bill that would officially recognize Hemp as legal to grow and cultivate in all U.S. States and territories.  Even more promising, against a huge public outcry, the Senate committee opted to ignore language that would have carved out hemp derivatives, such as CBD extracts and hemp-derived CBD, as illegal and still subject to the Controlled Substances Act. While the House still needs to approve the Bill before it goes into law, the lopsided support in favor of the bill bodes well for its chances of being approved by Congress.  


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